News About Northwest Game Night

Extreme Makeover: Our New Set

Current set of Northwest Wine Night TV will be remodeled and readied to play all kinds of classic game shows on Northwest Game Night.   Currently, we’re writing scripts, questions, and answers as we prepare to create a tribute to the best game shows of all time.   Northwest Game Night …

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Real Contestants, Real Prizes!

  Oh yeah, you could be this guy.   Well, maybe no crowd surfing, but you could still get called to come play our game!   At each filming for Northwest Game Night, we’ll have a live audience of between 40 and 50 people.  They’ll clap, they’ll cheer, and if …

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Win Fabulous Prizes

OK, winning a new car or a boat would be awesome. But this is Northwest Game Night, so let’s be real. While we promise great prizes, we’re not going to hand you the keys to a new car.  Instead, we’re going to work with businesses that are locally-owned and ask …

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