About The Show


Some of us grew up with game shows, others have watched, cheered and played along for decades.  There’s something so fun, so nostalgic, and so magical about winning prizes while playing a great game.


On Northwest Game Night, we’ll be re-creating the most classic game shows of all-time, real live tributes to the games we all know.   Each week, you’ll be able to watch as we play a different game, offering real prizes and a lot of fun.

You’ll even be invited to come be a part of the audience, where you could get to “Come on down” and play with us for some great prizes!



Based in Seattle, Northwest Game Night will feature local “stars” from the media and the local industry.  We’ll even ask the governor to come play along with us!

And unlike the shows you remember on television, we’ll do things a little differently.  For example, we may be enjoying a glass of wine or a cocktail as we play.  Doesn’t that sound even more fun??!!

Production for Northwest Game Night begins Fall 2017.



First Episode debuts here on the website:

Fall 2019