Submit Prizes/Advertise on the Show


Can I offer a prize for the show?

In short, of course you can!

Since this is a regionally-based game, our preference is to celebrate regionally-based companies and industries.  From restaurants, hotels, and attractions, to locally based grocery chains, we’d love to give away something you sell.

For Season 1, there’s no charge for this.  If we accept your prize to give away on Northwest Game Night, our announcer Art Sanders will tell our live audience and those viewing on screens around the world about you and the prize at no additional charge.  We’re looking for prizes totaling $400 for this opportunity.  It can be one prize with that value, or several prizes with a total value of $400.

If you are giving us prizes worth more than $500, we’ll also include a digital ad space for your business on our website.  That will be the ONLY place people can view Northwest Game Night, meaning all who watch will see your name.

For more information, contact us.

x720-GF0One of the games we’ll pay tribute to in Season 1 of Northwest Game Night is the classic “Card Sharks.”



People are going to watch this, can I advertise on the show?


Yes, you can.

We offer a few different ways to advertise to the viewers of Northwest Game Night.  First, you can purchase digital ad space at, which is the ONLY place you can watch the show.

We also have space on every episode for a 15 second commercial.

And if you’re interested in product placement on the show, we’re happy to do that for a combination of a small fee and some of that product to give away to our audience.  Don’t you remember the announcer saying “Members of our studio audience will received ‘Rice-A-Roni, the San Francisco Treat?'”

For more information, contact us.